Frequently Asked Questions

I am polybranded. So I am not biased towards any one brand. I use a wide variety off all the top quality products such as Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Temptu, Charlotte Tilbury, Beauty Pie, The Ordinary, REN etc etc (there are so many!) I endeavor to only buy products that are cruelty free so aren’t tested on animals (it’s harder than you’d think!) and I have a lot of fully vegan products.  If you are vegan and want your make up and hair to be done with Vegan friendly products please let me know before we begin. If you are worried about anything that I am using or have a skin condition that you are concerned about please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your worries.

I try to limit my impact on the environment by being really aware of the products I use.  For example if and when I use glitter it is biodegradable and the disposables (cotton buds, mascara wands) I use are plastic free where possible.   If you have ideas of how I can do this better do let me know!

Hygiene is of utmost importance to me. My kit is constantly cleaned with a dry alcohol spray (for the powder products) and alcohol wipes for the rest of the kit. My brushes are cleaned after every use and I use disposables for mascara, this way the wand is never used on two people. The products are always decanted on to a palette and then on to the skin so the product is never contaminated.  If you are concerned about any of this please don’t hesitate to ask me about it.

I work with lots of different clients with various needs and interests from quirky and whimsical, to full on glam or natural. I like to keep up to date with the latest trends/products and am always updating my kit with new finds.

Please enquire with the date and location of your wedding. If I am available I will then send you my full terms and conditions (which you can see here.) If these all sound ok a booking fee of £60 is payable to secure your date. Once this is paid it will guarantee my availability on your date. We will then book in your trial at your convenience.

I receive enquiries from brides on a very regular basis, so if you know you definitely want to work with me, I recommend booking sooner rather than later as weekends in particular do get booked up very quickly.
I recommend roughly 10-12 weeks before the wedding however this is only a guide, really it can be taken as soon or as late as you like!
We will discuss everything from skin type, wedding time, what make up you usually like to wear, how you usually wear your hair, colour themes etc. Basically everything that is concerning you! We will then design your perfect look and I will record exactly what you love so I can replicate it on your wedding day. If we are doing hair aswell we will look at pictures you like and design and try several styles so you find the perfect one.
For make up only bookings on average around an hour and a half but we will carry on until you are completely comfortable. If you are having hair as well it will take about an hour longer. The trial is designed to focus just on you, so I never limit a bride to a certain length of time for this session as it’s really important to me that you are happy and that we get the look perfectly suited to you.. A trial is a no obligation appointment. If you decide at the end of the trial that you would like to go ahead, then we’ll agree on next steps for your Wedding Day. If you would like to think about it or have other trials planned, then please let me know.
Of course, everyone needs a second opinion!

Wherever is most convenient for you. Coming to me at my home (TN37 7RL) is easiest as I can have everything set up for you and the light and space is right however if necessary I can come to you (your house, parents house, friends place, wherever is most convenient) and this wouldn’t be a problem although please be aware there may be travel costs incurred if this is the case.

Yes if you want them they are included in the trial price and on the wedding day of course!
Ideally your hair will be washed the night before although if you wash it every day then do what you normally do.
Most definitely, I will come to your chosen location.

All travel costs are included in the price of your booking if it is within 15 miles of TN37 7RL. Any miles travelled over that amount will be chargeable at 50p per mile. If you wish to save these travel costs my services are always available to be taken at my home in TN37 7RL at no extra cost.

Roughly about 40-45 minutes per person per thing (hair or make up.)

There are no written rules so whatever you prefer. If you are having airbrushing it is best if this is done first as then all your hair can be pulled off your face but if that is not possible its not a problem.

If my team and I are doing both hair and makeup, once we have had the trial, I will send you over an itinerary of the morning telling you who needs to be where and when. These are really flexible so if they change between the trial and the wedding day this really isn’t a problem it just gives you an idea of timings. If I am only doing make up or hair only, at the trial we will arrange the time I will arrive and the time you want me finished by and I will come and work around your schedule and with any other artists that are there. When we discuss your morning schedule we will allow plenty of time for you to get your dress on and for pictures etc so will work back from that.

I will always tailor a package for you, just email me with your requirements and I will work out the best value package for you.

No I have assistants that can come and help me so I can cater for any number.

Yes I do one to one lessons of a look of your choice or for your Weding Make Up. I also do Make Up Masterclasses which are for 3-6 ladies.  Please see my Services page, and go to the tabs – Lessons/Masterclasses for more information.