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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Grace Benson Make Up. Below is information that you should know upon booking.

General Information and Payment

Please note that any payment made in connection with your booking means you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these following terms.

A £60 booking fee is payable upon booking. This acts as a holding fee for your date. Once this is paid, I guarantee my availability for your day.

Your date can only be guaranteed upon receipt of the booking fee.

The booking fee is redeemable against the final balance of your booking but not against the trial.

The £60 booking fee is non refundable and non transferable.

Once the trial is completed and is successful the remaining balance will be sent to you in an invoice minus any relevant monies paid. Your booking can only be added to not subtracted from once the trial has been completed.  If any of your requirements change you will still be liable to pay for services cancelled.

If you cancel your booking after the trial, all monies received will not be refunded any relevant invoices outstanding will still be payable.

The final balance is payable no later than 4 weeks prior to your date.  If payment in full has not been received after this date I reserve the right to cancel your booking at anytime.

On peak days (Saturdays, May to September, Easter, New Years Eve, Christmas Eve and bank holidays) there is a minimum booking fee of £250.  This includes the trial cost but not any travel expenses.

Travel costs are included in the price of your booking if it is within a 15 mile radius of TN38 0LG.  Any additional miles travel to either trials or the final booking will be chargeable.

Any miles travelled over that amount will be chargeable at 50p per mile. If you wish to save these travel costs my services are always available to be taken at my home in TN38 0LG.

Any additional travel costs such as parking will be chargeable to you.

All lashes, hair grips (not including decorative accessories, such as tiaras, hair vines, combs or flowers) and products are included in the price quoted unless otherwise stated.

In the unlikely event that I cannot attend on your wedding day through illness or disability a full refund will be given and, if possible, a replacement will be found.


As a guide, I recommend you book your trial 6-8 weeks before your wedding but this can be taken sooner if you wish.

Trials can be taken at my home in TN38 0LG or I can come to you but please be aware travel costs may be incurred.

PLEASE BE AWARE WHEN BOOKING I CAN ONLY DO TRIALS ON WEEK DAYS. If this is difficult, and I have a weekend slot available I will try my best to accommodate your needs, however I am usually booked at weekends on weddings . PLEASE MAKE ME AWARE OF THIS WHEN ENQUIRING AS THIS MAY AFFECT AVAILABILITY.

I cannot do trials on Sundays or in the evenings.

Trials need to be taken in the day when the light is at its best and preferably be of a similar time to when you will have it on your wedding day, so you can see how the style lasts throughout the day.

Make Up only trials take approximately 1.5 hours for the Bride.

Hair and Make Up trials take approximately 2.5hours.

It is only necessary for the Bride to be trialed but any member of the bridal party is welcome to have one.

Each additional person would take an extra 30-45 minutes.

Hair trials take approximately an additional 1 hour per person.

These timings are a guide and I will always stay until you are happy.

If necessary an assistant will be brought with me to the trial and on the day if numbers and times require it.

There is no obligation to book once the trial is completed but any booking fee/monies paid will be lost and services quoted for will still be payable.

If you need to cancel or change your trial slot 48 hours notice is required or you will still be charge the full trial price.

If a trial is for other members of the bridal party in addition to the bride, they should be taken together or a surcharge will be added.

Extra people can be added up to 24 hours before the trial, subject to sufficient time allowance and the start time may need to change.

Additional people can be added to trials at £35 for Make Up and £35 for hair, per person.

Once the trial has been completed a confirmation email will be sent to you detailing the time, the location and the services I am providing. With this the invoice will be sent with your final balance.

Package Bookings

Additional people can be added to any package at £35 per person for make up, £35 for hair.

Extra people can be added up to 24 hours before the wedding, subject to sufficient time allowance and the start time may need to change. Any late additions for makeup and/or hair can be paid for on the day if necessary.

All packages can be upgraded to airbrushing at £10 extra per person per application.

Wedding Day

On your wedding day I will come to you at your desired location.

We will agree the start time and location at the trial. The time may be subject to change if additional people require Make Up and/or hair, subject to availability.

Either Hair or Make Up can go first on the day.

If necessary an itinerary will be finalised at your trial then sent to you in the confirmation email. Please make sure the relevant people are there on the day at the correct time.


Numbers aren’t an issue.  If time and people necessitate it an assistant will be brought with me to your booking.

My assistants have been vetted by me for their skill and personality so will fit in with your bridal party and will not effect your wedding morning.

Sometimes assistants will do a full look or will just help me to prep hair or carry bags etc.  I will always check and finalise every single look.

Every person that has had a trial with me personally will still be done by me.

There is no extra cost for assistants – all prices quoted include this service if necessary.

If you don’t want assistants at your booking, that is absolutely fine it just may mean it will take me longer to do it!

Social Media Policy

I regularly tweet, facebook and instagram. On your wedding day I may ask if I can take a picture of you so I can post about it. If you don’t want this to happen please just tell me, you absolutely don’t have to be on there. I will always wait until late in the evening or the next day to post so there is no risk of your guests seeing you and ruining the surprise but if you are not comfortable with this just let me know! 🙂

If you have any questions at any time please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.